The Art of Flying and the Rigging Components for Wireworks and Stunts



Learning how to rig for flying a performer and Stunt Rigging



RIGSTAR "GLADIATOR HS1" Variable High Speed Cable Winch Hoist - 0-15 ft./sec in 1 sec. with 185 feet of travel.




RIGSTAR "GLIDER HS1" variable High Speed Traveling Track - 0-15 ft/sec in 1 sec. --- Travel length as needed.


Rigstar Air Ram Ratchet with a 7' 8" stroke and adjustable air flow pressure

Motorized wireworks flying

Tension on harness connections and cables are of important concern to be aware of.
120 lbs of tension to the left and 125 lbs of tension to the right. This was dynamtic loading when he was flipping forward. Bob weighed 160 lbs.

Bob Harvey of East Coast Stunts

Ashley Strickland - Wireworks Trainee

Motorized Wireworks

Ashley with a 50 point pick stunt harness rehearsing an action fight scene.
Manual counterweight flying.

Below are 2 YouTube videos which are some of Ashley's wireworks training.

Click on YouTube Video picture

Click on YouTube Video picture


See a brief stunt promo video below

Quick Time Mov. video file 13,6 Mb

Stunt performers:
Airon Armstrong
Bob Harvey
Leo Kei Angelos
Kachina Dechert

Shot on the RED camera by:
Leo Kei Angelos

Video Edit by:
Airon Armstrong

Stunt rigging setup:
Steven Kendall
Bob Harvey

Stunts and wireworks performed at:
The Rigstar Training and Testing Center


Shrine night club at MGM Foxwoods Casino, Flying Fish rehearsals.

Below: Fly Fish act.

Below: Flying a person in a Bubble Balloon

Below: Flying Violin Player Angle


Steven Kendall & DJ DSK CHK


DJ DSK CHK wireworks training for his arena tour FANTAZIA 360

Below: Stage rehearsal


Below: Wireworks Video portion of DSK CHK in FANTAZIA 360 tour Studio Rehearsal


Below: 2 videos of some of DSK CHK flying in FANTAZIA 360 tour



Another DSK CHK Fantazia 360 Production concert flying & rigging DJ DSK DCK and his Piano along with other performers.

Steven Kendall inspecting flying harness before DJ DSK CHK rehearsal, above.



Stunt Rigging for motion picture productions - Below is Vinny Todorov, stunt double for actor Scott Adkins, being set up
by Steven Kendall for a gag to fall through a tight ceiling opening and then pulled back during the drop.





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