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K-Links Wear Pad Protectors


There are two types of K-Link wear pads protectors above.
On the left is shown a polyurethane surface on one side and nylon webbing on the other side.

Our Polyurethane protector is very resistant to abrasion and can be made to just about any length.

In the center is our Nylon front and back Wear Pad Protector.
Slings can be sleeved threw the protector pad and positioned anywhere along the length of the slings.
On the very right side, you can get either Wear Pad Protector with Velcro, so you are able to attach the
Wear Pad Protector at any time, which will give you more flexibility.
Custom Wear Pad Protectors can be made to fit your needs. Please call to go over your details.

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