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New Product Updates



We can now add aluminum engraved metal Load tags used for Proof Load tested slings as an added product or custom made to your specs.


Open 1Mb. PDF file

3' 6" KL1 Sample length = 7 different length slings in one sling - Flash Video

When you least expect it, is when you need it. K-Links give's you the right length all the time.

" FACT "
No other sling can beat K-Links Versatility

New 8.5" x 11" two sided Special K-Links Brochure promoting our 6" Link at the end of the KLCP, KL1, and KL2 Standard one foot increment K-Link Slings,
giving you twice the adjustability now as before for the added price of just a 6" link. The 6" links are the same price as the one foot links. We make the smallest Links.



We have added Black Load tags now for our K-Link Slings for the Concert / Theatrical industry.



Our new K-Links Banner is now avaiable for purchase !
The price is our cost $136.50
Measures 6.5 feet wide by 2 feet in height.
Printed on vinyl with 4 gromet holes along the top for hanging.
Perfect for Trade Shows and your Sale's room.





We are now using a new type of load tag that is more wear resistant.
Made from 28 oz. thick vinyl tarp with a nylon mesh weaving. The lettering is hot stamped into the
vinyl with a clear coating which will provide longer lasting legibility and are resistant to the effects of
grease, oil, water, dirt, abrasion and ultaviolet rays. In addition we cover the tag with a clear poly film.

We also offer a replacement tag that has a gromet at each end of the tag, so if a tag ever
becomes ripped off the sling or unreadable, you can attach the new tag in the field, right away.
By wrapping the tag around a link and affixing it to itself by using a heavy duty tyrap through
each of the gromet holes.


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